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About us

Metaling d.o.o. is a company specializing in thermal processing of metals and alloys in a vacuum, vacuum soldering, ionic pulse nitration in plasma, ionic pulse nitrocarburization in plasma, subsequent oxidation in plasma, thermal processing of materials for electrotechnics and electronics, and hardening of beryllium bronze in a vacuum;

Our activities also include support for our customers regarding the use of materials and suitable alternative materials for tool production, the most suitable processes of thermal processing of metals and alloys in a vacuum, which can assure the best tool features during their subsequent use. In all these areas we successfully collaborate with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technologies of the University of Ljubljana.

The fundamental features of the period up till now have been to sustain the steady growth and development of the company. To be able to follow the most up-to-date technical and technological achievements from our area of operation and to meet the needs of our customers that are dictated by the openness of the European market to Slovenian companies from the tool and machinery industries, we have to constantly invest in the most advanced machines, equipment and the most modern technologies that are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly.

To ensure that our customers are satisfied we incorporate the most advanced machinery and equipment, the latest state-of-the-art technology, highly professional personnel, years of experience and short response time.

We are deeply committed to our employees, who mostly have a college degree, and to their training and qualification. We strive to continuously transfer the acquired know-how to our younger personnel. We provide scholarships and in co-operation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technologies give their students an opportunity to gain practical experience during their college years and to make school projects as well as graduation theses under the direction of a mentor.

Metaling d.o.o. was founded in 1991 as the first Slovenian company operating as a support centre providing comprehensive services in the area of thermal metal and alloy processing, and thermochemical surface treatment. We employ experts who in 1984 were the first in Slovenia to introduce the procedure of thermal metal processing in a vacuum.