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Thermal processing of metals and alloys in a vacuum

With plasma ionic nitration the surface of tools and machine parts improves, their hardness increases, and also their sliding characteristics as well as their anti-corrosion protection improve. With additional subsequent oxidation the hardness and anti-corrosion protection as well as sliding capabilities are improved even more.

Thermochemical surface treatment

Vacuum soldering

By using different solders in a vacuum we can achieve quality joints of two or more parts. The soldering of tool steels with simultaneous hardening cuts costs for the customer due to the simultaneous execution of two processes.

Metallographic research and spectrographic element analysis

In order to assure quality services in the areas of heat and thermochemical treatment in a vacuum, the control of heat treatment and the quality of the input material is necessary.

With the construction of the metallographic laboratory, Metaling can carry out complex metallographic research and material analysis in one place, thus assuring our customers immediate feedback about the quality of the performed thermal processing and material suitability.

Sale of tool steels and special materials

Metaling d.o.o. is the exclusive distributor for high-quality powder metallurgy steels in the known quality classes ASP® in CPM® manufactured by Robert Zapp Werkstofftechnik Gmbh company from Germany.

The new generation and types of steels manufactured using powder metallurgy processes in the quality classes ASP® and CPM® have a sophisticated and homogeneous microstructure that enables greater hardness, strength and service life.have a sophisticated and homogeneous microstructure that enables greater hardness, strength and service life.

The company also supplies high-quality steels for cool or hot environments, plastics remoulding and steels for the glassware industry manufactured by the French company Aubert & Duval. We are also the supplier of all types of steel from other manufacturers.

We also provide our customers with technical support and advice about the choice of the most suitable materials for tool and machine part production.

Powder metallurgy steels are also applied for the production of heavy duty tools, such as: cutting tools, extrusion tools, tools for pressing metallic and ceramic dust, metal drawing dies, tools for high speed presses, working cylinders, skimmer needles, milling machines, winding jaws and flywheels.