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Metalografski laboratorij

Metallographic laboratory

Metalografski mikroskop

Metallographic microscope



Brusilno polirni stroj

Grinding and polishing machine

Metallographic research and spectrographic element analysis

Metallographic laboratory

In order to assure quality services in the areas of heat and thermochemical treatment in a vacuum, the control of heat treatment and the quality of the input material is necessary.

With the construction of the metallographic laboratory, Metaling can carry out complex metallographic research and material analysis in one place, thus assuring our customers immediate feedback about the quality of the performed thermal processing and material suitability.

The metallographic microscope allows metallographic research with a magnification of 50 to 1,200 times. A sample can be observed in real time with the digital camera mounted on the microscope.

The software for the execution of metallographic analyses enables very precise analyzing of metallographic elements, such as:

– thickness measurement of different layers,

– shape of crystal grains,,

– size of crystal grains,

– orientation of crystal grains,

– length and type of microcracks – extracted carbides,

– non-metallic inclusions and other material defects.

All those elements can significantly affect the desired mechanical characteristics of the material.

The metallographic laboratory equipment also includes devices for the preparation of metallographic samples, for example:

– sample cutting,

– sample introduction into plastic materials,

– sample grinding and polishing,

– etching.


The spectrometer enables us to carry out chemical analyses of iron alloys (all steel qualities, steel alloys, cast iron, etc.), aluminium and copper alloys, as well as the percentage of nitrogen in the metal.

The spectrographic analysis of metal materials is an important part of the quality assuring process. The chemical composition of steel significantly affects its mechanical features and its behaviour during thermal processing. The spectrographic analysis easily shows whether the analyzed material meets the chemical composition requirements.