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Based on the contract concluded between Metaling d.o.o. and Zapp Werkstofftechnik GmbH, Metaling is the agent and exclusive distributor for Zapp Werkstofftechnik GmbH from Ratingen in Germany in the area of steel sales, manufactured according to powder metallurgy ASP® and CPM® procedures.

Zapp – top-of-the-line supplier

The company was founded by Hermann Zapp in 1701 in the German town of Ründeroth. Today the Zapp group is present worldwide with their production plants, advisory and service centres. The focus of their operation is the production of final products for advanced use made from high quality materials. The Zapp group includes three branches: precision wire, precision strip and materials engineering for special materials and tool steels. Both, Zapp and Metaling, aim to assure their customers a competitive advantage based on their close cooperation.

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